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The Junior Football League of Central Illinois (JFLOCI) would like to welcome you to the sport of youth tackle football. Established in 1967, the JFLOCI provides a recreational, educational and competitive program for its participants by structuring players ages and weights to compensate for the variety of physical and mental maturity levels of players involved. The JFLOCI is dedicated to young athletes who participate within our organization and to their safety and enjoyment. The JFLOCI will serve affiliated members by providing at a reasonable price equipment, organization, insurance and a fundraising program for youth football participants, while promoting the sport of contact football, education and character development to young people between the ages of 8 and 14 years old. Flag football has different age requirements, please refer to rules. Cheerleaders must be the age of 8 years old, please see rules for more info. In 2013, the JFLOCI had in excess of 3800 Tackle players, 600 Cheerleaders, 1200 Flag participants and nearly 1000 volunteer coaches. The JFLOCI is committed to providing a positive youth sports experience for all participants. We hope that your participation in our program is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


JFLOCI Highlights

Safety is our #1 concern at JFLOCI. Concussions in youth sports is a hot topic these days.

"Heads up concussion in youth sports" from the CDC.
Helpful information and resources for Concussions

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Central Illinois Sports Medicine Hotline: 309-212-9741

All parents and coaches should put this hotline in their cell phones, in the event that a player gets injured.

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